Unplug & Play


Our goal is to offer a different approach to the classic team building activities existing in Vietnam.

We design original live-action and scripted activities for your corporate events. Besides being interactive and fun, our programs bound teams together and ensure the acquisition of soft skills. They involve recreational and problem solving activities that will meet your company’s objectives.

With a long experience in MICE and management, our team is willing to help you enhance cohesion within your company.

The solutions featured below have been especially designed for business meetings, incentive activities, conventions and events. Each concept is adaptable to meet your objectives and budget.

For any tailor-made project, please contact us.




An original way to explore the heart of the city with your team and your partners!

Indulge yourself with a unique experience, being aboard a colorful vintage car (2CV or LaDalat).

Number of participants: from 8 to 15


Two itineraries:

1) Day time: Saigon ESSENTIALS by vintage car

2) Night time: Saigon STREET FOOD DISCOVERY by vintage car

1) Saigon ESSENTIALS by vintage car (day time)

You will be driven to the must-see landmarks of Saigon, getting great panoramic views via the open roof. Your trip will take you to District 3, to Hoang Sa canal area along the river and finally to Tân Định area,Turtle Lake, Saigon Notre Dame Basilica, Saigon Central Post Office and the Opera House.

Daily Departure 9:15AM from your hotel in the center

Duration: approximately 2h15mn

Number of participants: from 8 to 15
Rate: from 1.100.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)


= = = = = = = = =


2) Saigon STREET FOOD DISCOVERY by vintage car (night time)

Get aboard our funky classic cars (2CV or La Dalat) for an evening ride to feel the pulse of the city.

After an intense day of meetings and conferences, our evening tour is an awesome opportunity for your guests to get an overview of the vibrant city night life and to try some delicious street food snacks along the way. Your journey will take you to see some of the must-see sightseeing spots (Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Central Post Office, Saigon Opera House, Nguyen Hue esplanade facing Ho Chi Minh City Hall…) as well as more unknown lanes in District 3 and District 4.

Daily Departure 7:15PM from your hotel in the center.

Duration: approximately 3h

Number of participants: from 8 to 15
Rate: from 1.300.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

>>> Option SCAVENGER HUNT <<<

Add an interactive and playful dimension to the ride with our Scavenger Hunt Option!

You will be equipped with digital tablets that have a special scavenger hunt program installed. While our vintage car drives you through the city, you will stop at different places and will receive series of questions about the city through the tablet app.

Each time you answer correctly a question, your score will increase. As short key information are given at the must-see sightseeing stops, you will learn & have fun at the same time.

Who will be the best team?

Supplement: + 290.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included) – 1 tablet per car.

(in English – For other language, contact us)



C.S.I. offers the participants the opportunity to take part in a real scale investigation in the heart of the city. Each team of investigators will be in charge of solving one of the several crimes that took place recently.

C.S.I. will require the players to use their deduction and intuition skills as well as to share information with other teams in order to finish the adventure within the imparted time.

Duration: 4h
Number of participants: from 15 to 40
Rate: from 1.900.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

Everything begins with the usual daily briefing at the police station. The chief of police will hand a different crime file to each team and ask them to start investigating.

They will have 2 hours to go as far as possible in their investigations and come back to the headquarters to make their report. To do this, participants will need to explore real scale reconstitutions, pursue leads, interrogate witnesses and perform researches and analysis.

Following their first report, the chief of police calls for a meeting: a 30 min brainstorming session to find out the connections between the different cases as well as the best way to close them within the last hour of the game.

The final action of the game will depend on the decisions that have been made during the meeting and everyone’s capacity to work together…

Great fun for everybody!



Saigon Quest is an original urban game taking place in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. The concept is simple: an electronic safe awaits the competitors in a secret location. The first team to locate and open the safe wins its content…

Perfect for team-building events, the race has been designed for up to 15 teams to work their way out in a competitive environment. The experience is supported by high-end means of transportation and services (1 car per team with driver, private speedboats…).

Duration: 1/2 day / full day / several days
Number of participants: 40 to 150
Rate: from 990.000 vnd / pers (Classic version)  for a half-day activity (VAT 10% not included)

The program flow

Information about the location of the safe can be found by completing original challenges which will require physical and logic skills as well as team spirit and a solid time management strategy. Further clues to the location of the safe will be handed for each successful challenge.

The second part of the Saigon Quest moves up a gear when the players try to retrieve the combination that opens the safe. Numbers are scattered throughout the game zone. Team spirit and strategic thinking are necessary to determine who will open the safe and win the race.

Pure energy for your corporate event


 TEAM SPIRIT: Challenges have been designed so that each team member’s strengths are useful to the rest of the team.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Their difficulty level has been assessed to spur the team on to outstanding performance.

STRATEGIC THINKING: Taking critical decisions while being unsure of their consequences is part of the game. The team will also have to manage time efficiently and make choices which will impact their progress.

CREATIVITY: Multiple challenges will require to think out of the box. Participants will have to make the right choice at the right moment in order to surpass their competitors.

RISK TAKING: People will need to face situations they are not used to and react appropriately. The game will test their ability to go the extra mile.



This activity is an interactive scavenger hunt which takes place in the city center of HCMC or in any other Vietnamese city of your choice.

It is a genuine fun and exciting mobile app-based experience, combining the exploration of the city, an innovative scenario and a competitive dimension.

The Interactive City Hunt activity has been designed for up to 30 teams. It is an easy and flexible solution for groups who want to explore a city and bound team together at the same time.

By mixing innovative technologies, an insightful selection of city landmarks and funny challenges, we create tailor-made events that will match your specific group requirements and objectives.

Duration: 3h
Number of participants: 10 to 150
Rate: from 890,000 VND (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

The concept is simple: at the beginning of the game, each team will receive 1 tablet equipped with our dedicated application and an unlimited 3G access. From there, teams are on their own and must do their best to get to the final location of the race with the highest score.

Participants will have to compete against each other, fulfilling challenges & riddles, looking for GPS points, deciphering codes and answering tailor-made or general knowledge quizzes.

The first team who finishes the adventure is the winner.



This new activity is fun and exciting and it is perfect for a memorable corporate day out. Strategy, creativity and team spirit are the core skills to be challenged.

The Totem Challenge has been especially designed for big groups to work their way out in a competitive and original environment.

Duration: 3h30
Number of participants: 80 to 250
Rate: from 1,000,000 VND (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

This half-day activity includes 3 phases:

The activity starts by an interactive and original smartphone app-based game experience, combining quizzes & riddles and funny challenges.
Goal of the game is to make the most money (earning points) by completing various strategic, physical and funny challenges.

Each team is given a big block of polystyrene and has to build a Totem representation of an Animal the team is assigned. With the money earned during the first part, all teams have to join an auction where they have to bid to buy some items they could need to build their Totem. Great atmosphere guaranteed! But spending money has to be strategic… !

Once the auction is finished and all items sold, all teams have a limited amount of time to create their Animal Totem and customize it, following some technical constraints. Great imagination skills & team spirit needed!

Teams compete against each other, as at the end of this half-day activity, totems are gathered together and a jury decides which are the best totems.



An immersive experience that will enable participants to discover Vietnam’s most intriguing sights and flavors. Racing through colorful markets, tasting strange fruits, entering incense filled pagodas, going through secluded alleyways… Truly memorable ways to experience and remember Vietnam.

This remarkably exciting activity takes place in the colorful Chinese district of Ho Chi Minh city.

Duration: half-day
Number of participants: from 10 to 40
Rate: from 1.000.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

By team of 2 to 6, participants will walk their way around the lively neighborhood, looking to discover the secret location of a stolen item. In order to find it, visitors will have to complete several challenges located at significant landmarks of the district (gorgeous pagodas, hidden pieces of architectural heritage, busy markets, etc). Challenges are all about feeling, seeing, and tasting Vietnamese culture in order to remember it better. Participants will appreciate both the adrenaline of the quest and the depth of the immersion!


What’s The RALLY ?

Soft skills acquisition & team bonding

This exciting rally was thoroughly designed in order to identify specific strengths among corporate teams as well as eventual malfunctions within the groups, all this while enjoying highly entertaining activities.

Duration: Half-Day
Number of participants: from 45 to 150
Rate: from 1.000.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

The workshops

This highly entertaining activity is divided into 3 workshops, each of them having a specific business goal, allowing companies to witness their teams in immersive and exciting situations that will require mental abilities, physical strengths, negotiating skills and most of all: team-work.

1/ The marshmallow challenge

Teams must build the tallest freestanding structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, tape, string, and one marshmallow. The marshmallow has to be on top.

2/ Scavenger hunt

With this activity, players will have the opportunity to exercise and discover the area. Teams will have to complete challenges and read a map in order to discover the final location of the hunt.

3/ The pipeline of the century

Each team must use limited supplies (PVC piping, balloons, bamboo stakes, rope etc.) to build a pipeline that must safely transport a maximum number of marbles. Each team takes charge of a part of the pipeline. The clincher is that each team’s section of the pipeline must interface with those before and after it in order to work properly.

This soft skills acquisition & team bonding rally was designed to suit the needs of local teams (it is available in Vietnamese).

(Night Activity)

What’s The BOX ?

::: Night activity ::: 

A box is hidden somewhere in the city and at midnight, the box disappears…

Players must find it before that time in order to win what’s inside ! Players will need bicycles, smartphones, their legs and their brain to find this box… This very original game and its intriguing concept are definitely new and unique in Southeast Asia.

Duration: from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM
Number of participants: from 10 to 50
Rate: from 1.400.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)
3G connection needed

The rules

By teams of 2, players will get on their bicycles, turn on their smartphone and scout the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, by night, looking for the mysterious box.

Players will be provided with top of the range bicycles as well as the necessary items to ride around Ho Chi Minh City, by night, in perfectly secured conditions: lights, helmets,…

Participants need a 3G connection to progress through the game. Other than that, they will only need to provide physical and mental efforts to gather clues and find the box!

The box is a highly physical activity. Its originality is undeniable as it enables players to enter a part of Ho Chi Minh City that tourists do not know about and rarely see: an intriguing maze of small alley ways where local life thrives and no car can enter.

Far away from dangerous road traffic, The box is one of the most unique and entertaining games available to your clients.

Have a specific idea in mind? This game is easily customisable!



A treasure hunt like no other…

With this exclusive several-day activity, participants will dive head first into a fascinating and thrilling adventure. Not your usual annual company trip !

Participants of The Expedition will truly disconnect from their daily life and enjoy a carefully balanced set of intriguing, amusing and challenging activities.

Duration: minimum 2 days / 1 night
Number of participants: from 50 to 150
Rate: from 3.900.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

Recommended destinations

Hoi An (Central Vietnam)

45 minutes from Da Nang  lays the quiet city of Hoi An, a true historical gem in Vietnam. White sand beaches and beautiful rice fields await visitors.

Cat Tien National Park

About 2 hours from HCMC, an amazingly well preserved natural park awaits you for a memorable “back to nature” experience.

The Content

Day 1 – The Marshmallow and Pipeline challenges will test your teams resourcefulness. With limited supplies, they must design and build several structures. Different scores will be given to each team according to its constructions efficiency and design. See The Rally” product for full details on both challenges. Those scores will be very important for the activity of the following day.

Day 2 –  “Only the strong”: Witness your teams surpass themselves with this outdoor activity that will bring the participants out of their comfort zone in a hostile environment. During this activity,  participants must escape the game zone within the imparted time. To do so, several challenges that will test their team spirit and perseverance await them.